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After years of success helping restaurants in the Maryland area continue to grow and flourish,  the time has come for a new step and continued improvement.

Dennis Barry, Chief Operating Partner

Dennis Barry, Chief Operating Partner

Restaurant Reputations joins forces with Dennis Barry and Dark Horse Equity Group. Dennis will be leading a team with more than 140 years of combined restaurant experience that will be taking the proven methods from Restaurant Reputations, to provide a new laser focused approach to the success of every individual restaurant involved.

The acquisition comes as Nick continues his history of passing the torch every 7-10 years, helping businesses he’s started and grown get into the hands of people who can take them to newer and even greater heights. This will be the fourth business to follow that pattern and perhaps the best framework and individual to date.

Dennis Barry offers true “relief” in a time where it could not be more important and necessary. After careful consideration, Nick saw in Dennis the exact individual he wanted at the helm given his breadth of knowledge and experience, not only in the industry, but Dennis being local and living in the immediate area. Dennis has 26 years in the hospitality industry and  acknowledges that now is one of the most important times in history for restaurants as a whole,  saying “I love and respect [the industry] even more for the resilience it has shown over the last 13 months than in the last 25 years.”

Back in 1994 Dennis began as a sales leader with manufacturers in Foodservice with both independent and multi-unit accounts. He goes on by explaining, “Assisting the industry suppliers and operators through marketing efforts in distribution to the foodservice is when I found my love in 2005.” Perhaps the greatest note to make in the acquisition is the most simple and was made by Founder of Restaurant Reputations, Nick Collins; “Dennis speaks restaurant and understands the day to day needs and challenges operators face.

By offering an operational presence and a consultative approach with each client, the in person effect increases attention to specific issues that need attention within the walls of each restaurant. This is a hands on approach that cannot be replicated by a larger restaurant super-group or national conglomerate. Additionally, Dennis explains “Digital brand development and reputation management are an integral part of the foundation of immediate and long term value for an organization. Restaurant Reputations is the answer to get you there.”

With these incredible changes coming, Nick and his wife Mandy will continue to play an active role during the acquisition and transition.  Their commitment to keeping this company together and LOCAL to service clients and the community of restaurateurs is unmatched and mirrored by both Dennis Barry and the Dark Horse Equity Group. 


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