Reviews, Ratings and Reputation management services for the Restaurant Industry

Dealing with Online Review and rating sites.

Reputation package include:

No Fake Reviews! They do damage and you will get caught and de-listed or banned! Its not worth it!

Reputation Safe Custom Review website

Setup and Management of Local Directories

Alert Tracking for online brand mentions

Positive Review Alert, Management & Sharing

Negative Review Alert, Management & Response

Monthly Link Building Article Creation & Distribution

Monthly Blog Article Creation (6/Month) & Link Building

Reporting & Consultancy

RestaurantReputations Review and Rating Service provides a totally customized review site built just for your company that gives you a strategic tool for allowing your pre-existing customers a platform to send their positive reviews to the major restaurant sites, Yelp, Citysearch, Urban Spoon, Open Table and more.

While you cannot delete negative and bad reviews, this process and solution allows you to bury them deep by adding positive reviews. One of the most strategic ways to combat a negative online reputation is to suppress or bury the negative reviews on such sites as, Google +, and Yelp. The only way you can bury these derogatory reviews and have reviews actually stick (stay on the site without getting flagged) is by getting real reviews from your real customers. Many companies try to create fake reviews by making them up, but they never stick on the site and are eventually blacklisted, which hurts the company in the long run.

Our custom-built solution allows happy pre-existing customers to leave their positive feedback on the review and rating sites. If an unhappy customer stumbles onto this review site, they click the “thumbs down” button, which prompts them to email your business and does not give them the option to leave negative feedback on the review sites.

Once the site is built just for your restaurant, you can then email your clients or let them know you would appreciate a positive review and send them a link to the site. Customers choose whether they had a good experience with your restaurant or a negative one. If good, they click the large “thumbs up” button; if bad, they click the “thumbs down” button.

If they had a bad experience with your restaurant, they will be prompted to fill out a small, simple form, where they can send you a private message that you can review and hopefully make them happy. Doing this gives them a chance to be heard without forcing them to leave a bad review.
If customers have a good experience, they will be directed to a customized page that will provide links to multiple online review sites, where they will leave you a positive review. This trick shows the review sites that actual customers from different computers and IP addresses are leaving the reviews, and not all are coming from your place of business. This helps improve your positive rating percentage with the site, shows the positive ratings at the top of the page, all while pushing down and suppressing the negative reviews, making them harder to find. Research shows that most visitors will read roughly five reviews before making up their mind. This is the trick!

Reviews by real customers create satisfaction and long-term relationships while also burying the bad reviews you may have and also mitigating future negative attacks on your business. Reviews tell a story about your business that your advertisements may not convey. Trusted endorsements by people who purchase from you create a positive moving force in the buying process, making it easier for you to build confidence and trust in potential customers. Your staff will also feel empowered by the positive reviews, which reinforces their hard work while also providing strategic tools to properly build quality relationships with customers.

Consumers are a little less trusting of advertisements these days, and who can blame them? Customers have a plethora of online information at their fingertips—from search engines, friends, television, and more. Your customers are more educated than ever before. Reviews are the first place your customers go to find out about your restaurant. Before they even leave their house or even begin the buying process, they have read reviews and information about your restaurant and formed an overall opinion of your business. Who better to endorse your restaurant than your own customers? These people are your brand evangelists. They are the people who fuel your business. Empower them to voice their opinion of your restaurant so that potential customers can have an educated, trusted, unbiased opinion of your establishment.

RestaurantReputations’ monitoring service features a dedicated online advisor who monitors your business every single day. The moment a bad comment, rating, or review hits the web we are alerted and begin working immediately. We also notify you so that you are aware of this new information and can read and react according to your best practices.

When someone leaves a negative online review, perhaps 100 customers will read the review before you are even aware of it. How many sales did you lose because this happened? With our monitoring solution, we will be the first to see it, and we will immediately react to mitigate further damage.
Our Review, Rating, Monitoring, and Reputation Management solutions will take your business to the next level.

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