Go Out While You Still Can

It’s almost August 19th, signaling the end of Restaurant Week in Baltimore County. If you haven’t gotten out yet then you might miss out altogether. With over sixty participating locations offering a variety of brunch, lunch, and dinner menus for $15 – $35 you can’t go wrong by trying an old favorite or finding a new one.

As a major partner for Baltimore County Restaurant Week, we always encourage you to try as many local eats as you can year round. This is especially true when you can find some great deals at some great places. Whether trying to get crab cakes, a few glasses of wine, or some sandwiches for lunch, there’s great places to find great food at prices that aren’t typical.

Not the Intended List of Favorites

Initially this was going to be a list of our favorites here at Restaurant Reputations, but as I went down the list and tried to examine each menu for what seemed to stand out, I found I was only at the “L’s” and it was long enough that no one would read. Starting with 15 in my head felt like a good number, but going through and noticing all the great menu items and places forgotten, that number quickly doubled.

Moral of the story: don’t try to choose too much. There’s three days left of Baltimore County Restaurant Week. That’s three lunches, three dinners, and three breakfasts or brunches (some restaurants offer a menu for the early meal) to go out and enjoy food you otherwise wouldn’t. Nine chances for you to find that new favorite or get out with friends and family at places and prices you don’t often see.

Let ‘Em Know!

When you’re out and about for these final few days of Restaurant Week in Baltimore County (THREE DAYS, PEOPLE), give them some feedback. If you had a great experience somewhere, every restaurant wants to hear it. If your experience wasn’t so hot, make sure you let them know that too; they want you to. Restaurants can’t improve if they don’t know what’s wrong. Restaurant Reputations helps them do that while making sure the feedback is constructive and you – the customer – are always taken care of.

Get out and enjoy as many of Baltimore County’s best restaurants as you can. Make sure to let them know you’re there and you love it!