Don’t panic just yet. We have answers.


Have you noticed a change in your Facebook NewsFeed algorithm? Do your “friend’s” posts keep popping up day after day after day? Does it annoy you to the nth degree? Do you think this affects how many people see your posts? Are you wondering why I’m asking all these questions? It turns out, you should be asking more questions too.

You should respond with a resounding, “Yes” to each of those questions and let me tell you why, and how, you can more effectively limit what you see on your page. More importantly, how you can make sure your information is reaching as many people as possible in the most effective ways possible.

A brief history: Facebook NewsFeed algorithm 

Facebook has made several adjustments over the last three years to change the News Feed algorithm. During that time Facebook made efforts to eliminate click-bait and engagement-baiting with the strategy of increasing “meaningful engagement” for users.

Yes, some of these changes are in relation to the worry over the commies, but it’s generally an effort to better target consumers and allow for a better user experience and from Zuckerberg’s message we should continue to see updates and modifications.

Facebook NewsFeed AlgorithmSo what can you do?

Obviously these changes mean business owners need to revamp marketing plan, posts, and content. A few easy changes help the transition move more smoothly and, with the right people and tools around you, will increase the traffic you’re trying to create.

  • Use creative and meaningful content

One aspect the new algorithm specifically stresses is a focus on meaningful and new content. I’ve written about this before, but now it’s more important than ever.

  • Interaction is what matters most. Ask questions

Again, I’ve mentioned this before, commenting back becomes important from the perspective of the customer, but now it’s imperative for Facebook’s News Feed algorithm.

I recently read a piece from BuzzFeed describing how the author drove her friends and family crazy with the same terribly annoying post popping up for a week straight. Check your Facebook now. I’ll bet you can find one of your own. Better yet, I’d venture to say you already thought of one.

This is because people continue to comment. Comments and reactions are necessary. Asking questions on your post isn’t like click-baiting because you’re garnering organic responses.

  • Create your own traffic

Point two and three should probably be combined, but they’re important to mention separately. Not only should you comment back to people commenting on your own posts or reviews, but also build a network.

When someone shares your post, mention them in a comment thanking them on that share. Posting an event? When someone tags their friends, let’s call them Molly, Mary, and Melissa, Ask Molly, Mary, and Mellissa if they’re going to be there.

I know it’s complicated

I wish I could say it was just this simple, but there is more to it. In general, these are the basic new guidelines to Facebook’s new NewsFeed algorithm. Unfortunately there’s still more.

Finding the best ways to improve the amount of people you reach and, more importantly, the right target audience on Facebook is more important than you may think.