With the July 4th holiday weekend fast approaching. What are some of the best ways to attract guests to your venue instead of your neighbors’?

Specials are always great and so are the obvious live music and outdoor spots. But what can make you stand out against the red, white, and blue frozen drinks?

July 4th is Exciting. Make Sure it Stays That Way!

For starters, try doing something other than just dropping prices. Hold contests for great giveaways. Prizes for wearing the most “American AF” outfit, or the most creative stars and stripes get-up, can encourage participation by guests and liven up the party.

When guests take pictures and snaps of their outfits, they’ll draw the attention of their friends and bring free attention to your bar or restaurant on a weekend where plenty of the same is already thrown at them. Encourage them to post and hold an online contest or two.

Prepare Your Posts

If you do run drink specials or launch a feature menu, make sure you’ve got your posts prepared and scheduled. That way when your sandwiches are renamed as “Presidential Panninis” and “First Lady Lettuce Wraps” like Thomas Jefferson’s Turkey and Cheese, guests will know what to expect.

Taking care of this ahead of time ensures people will know what your offering and gives you one less thing to worry about, on what will surely be one of the busiest weekends of the year.

Getting the information out is going to mean the difference between a busy or slow holiday weekend. Let people know if you’ve got misters outside or a covered deck and patio. Its not only about food and drink prices as much as you may think.

Look to draw the attention of people breaking from the heat, and have a good time with friends. Don’t be afraid to promote these posts for a few days. These posts show up more frequently on a weekend when everyone will inundate followers with information already.

The July 4th experience can be even more important so make sure your posts are showing why a day out at your bar blows others away.

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