Snap Map may seem like a confusing addition to an already curious application, but for a restaurant or bar this feature is a magic wand to multiply customers immediately. This new tool makes your customer your billboard. Word of mouth is online.

Now with the addition of Snap Map, finding out where your friends are is easier than a tag on Facebook. And now, that one friend everyone has, doesn’t need to put up posts asking where everyone’s going tonight. Finally.

Introducing Snap Map

The way it works is that you select whether or not you want to share your location with everyone, a few friends, or disable the feature entirely and go to Ghost Mode. So, if you really don’t want that friend to see where you’re at, you don’t have to, and they wont be able to.

Snap Map includes hot zones where large groups of snappers are chatting and hanging out like concerts or sporting events. The feature also allows you to share your own snap to Our Story where your content will be available to non-friends for a short period.

All of these features mean that promoting Snapchat at your location and for your bar or restaurant will encourage Snapchat users to do the same while there.

This is not the first location-sharing app or feature that has come along. The design was built based on an app named Zenly; which Snapchat recently acquired. Not only that, but Facebook also has a location-sharing portion of its Messenger app called Live Location. With all of this attention on location sharing, it seems like we should take it seriously as the next big step in social technologies.

A few weeks ago we talked about customer interaction. Apps and features like this one battle a society buried in cell phones and encourages people to get out and meet up again. Social media is the online word of mouth. If successful, this feature involves with each other again rather than a short video. Don’t you want people involved at your restaurant?

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