What catches your eye most when scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? Do you actually read the lengthy posts; paragraph posts? Or, do you watch a one or two minute video with an efficient and effective message?

Videos involve potential customers in ways that words or still photography often can’t.

The goldfish sized attention span of the social media era created the advent of 24 hour news cycles, hashtags, and an entire generation of “foodies”, ready to express disappointment in service across the internet and for everyone to see.

Social media doesn’t have to be all bad though. Those outlets, when used properly, become free forms of advertisement.

A 2016 article in The New York Times claimed the average adult attention span lasts fewer than 10 seconds. That said, someone is far more likely to watch a short video clip of one to two minutes, instead of reading an article for five or more.

Effective, on-site, exciting video clips provide prospective guests with a face, a voice, a name, an image, and an idea of why the experience at your restaurant or bar rivals others.

At Restaurant Reputations, video posts and updates drive more views on social media and more exposure to the ever-fleeting eyeballs of restaurant goers.

At a baseball game, the loudest beer vendor grabs your attention quickest. Online, the most exciting — or loudest — content catches your attention and retains it the longest.

When you’re having a buy-out, philanthropic event, or special occasion worth noting, showcase it. A quick clip conveys a lot of information, and different information, to each person who watches.