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Hope Seidl: From Hope to Change

Doug Mace

“I love that I get paid to sit on Facebook. I wear yoga pants and I can bring my dog to work.”   In the industry for a decade, Hope Seidl worked everything from hostess, to manager, to marketer while working in restaurants. After a life-changing experience in Colorado she came back to Baltimore with … READ FULL ARTICLE »

Video: If Pictures Say 1,000 Words, How About Motion Pictures?

Doug Mace

    What catches your eye most when scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? Do you actually read the lengthy posts; paragraph posts? Or, do you watch a one or two minute video with an efficient and effective message? Videos involve potential customers in ways that words or still photography often can’t. The goldfish sized … READ FULL ARTICLE »

Interaction Is Real #Winning

Doug Mace

As a restaurant owner you never want to give away free product. But, as restaurant owners often don’t, you have to spend money to make money. Interaction is key! When your customers have a contest to win, they’re going to be involved. Listen to Herman Edwards (Former NFL Head Coach) when he says, “You play … READ FULL ARTICLE »

Shane Todd: The Marine Managing a Different Kind of Risk

Doug Mace

Even though he’s no longer overseas, Shane Todd still defends and protects the United States. Well, at least the businesses. As a risk response manager Shane has gone from operating a wrecker to ensuring a bad review doesn’t wreck your reputation. Shane deployed once for combat in Afghanistan in 2012, and again in 2014 to … READ FULL ARTICLE »

Holly Batton: Better Blogging and Better Business

Doug Mace

Her Invisible Crowne stays on the internet, but Restaurant Reputations team member Holly Batton will help your company stay in business and keep your social media looking like red-carpet material. Holly went to Arizona State for her undergrad and attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. Her love for fashion allowed her … READ FULL ARTICLE »

Why Is Video So Important?

Doug Mace

This article first appeared in the Better Branding section of the June 2016 Maryland Beverage Journal and was written by Restaurant Reputations COO, Todd Collins. You probably have been hearing a lot lately about adding video into your marketing, and advertising. What you may be thinking is why you need to do this. There are … READ FULL ARTICLE »

Buy a Review With Restaurant Reputations… Kinda

Doug Mace

Trying to buy a review on Yelp, Open Table, or Google? Welcome to owning or managing a restaurant. The posting piranhas nipping at your heels make you want to boost your own ratings, but trying to do that can cost you more customers than a bad review does; and that’s saying something. Negative reviews are … READ FULL ARTICLE »

Gala Bencivenni: From Pizza Person to People Person

Doug Mace

Gala is an industry professional who started from a humble beginning, worked her way to managing and now helps others with her work at Restaurant Reputations. And it all started with pizza. Her experiences in bartending and management led her to Restaurant Reputations earlier this year. After time spent working on social media posts and … READ FULL ARTICLE »

Generate Revenue With FREE Wi-fi

Doug Mace

This article first appeared in the “Better Branding” section of the March 2017 Maryland Beverage Journal and was written by Restaurant Reputations COO, Todd Collins.     Generate Revenue With FREE Wi-Fi Some marketing professionals will tell you that Email Marketing is dead. Open rates for Email Marketing campaigns have dropped significantly in the last … READ FULL ARTICLE »

What’s Up With Instagram?

Doug Mace

This article first appeared in the “Better Branding” section of the April 2017 Maryland Beverage Journal and is written by Restaurant Reputations COO, Todd Collins.   What’s Up with Instagram? One of the most mysterious social media outlets to many restaurant owners is Instagram. The restaurant owners that utilize it are seeing it pay large … READ FULL ARTICLE »

Why We Offer No Contract Digital Services for Restaurants

Nick Collins

Sometimes what you do in business doesn’t make sense to other people. That’s OKAY! At Restaurant Reputations, we offer digital services with NO contracts, for all of our Clients. We offer month-to-month services; no commitment; no contracts with a strong emphasis on “our results will 100% do the talking”.   Many of our competitors require a … READ FULL ARTICLE »

Loyal Guests Mean Open Doors

Doug Mace

Keep Them Coming Back For More The everyday challenge of keeping a restaurant open involves bringing customers back. As more options open up “foodies” keep thinking the newest place is always the best. The important part is tapping into the reasons that keep them coming back. Loyalty reward programs seem cumbersome and irrelevant, but they give … READ FULL ARTICLE »

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