Time to Prepare
Punxsutawney Phil made his nonsensical prediction about the arrival of spring. Now it’s time to prepare for some of the most imperative months and holidays of the year for many restaurants, especially on the water. Vacations, Mother’s Day, Graduations, Father’s Day and all the other joys of summer are right around the corner, and should be garnering your attention. Are you researching the best ways to manage all these reservations without breaking the bank?

Many reservation management apps like OpenTable offer a costly solution and lack the personal touch. Some key features offered by other technologies make every person feel important, while building your guest book.

Rezzo by Restaurant Reputations offers a widget and chatbot service to your website that promotes your growth for the future, not just your sales for the night. Guests book a table, ask where the closest parking is, and leave a review without downloading an app. Instead they receive individualized text message responses to their questions and requests.

“Chatbot” sounds scary, but you’re in control as soon as you want to take over. Rezzo is, “there when you need it, off when you don’t.” At any point an administrator can jump in from any device to enter into a personal two-way message or a direct call. In addition, a customer service chatbot can also be set-up. OpenTable can’t do that.

The platform offers the ability to monitor all text responses from your office computer, tablet, or smartphone. Everytime a reservation is made that guests information is collected. Rezzo helps grow your guest list by collecting Names, Email Addresses, social profiles, and more.

As the money months move in, and the holidays keep you busy, take the time to focus on service instead of seats. New policies or seasonal changes? Allow Rezzo to assist while retaining control of your restaurant and increasing your profit margins on each reservation made.